Monday, July 26, 2010

The Listening House

The Listening House is the name I have chosen for our meditation room at the festival. The name I borrowed from a song by the band Lazurus... a folk/rock band from the early 70's. Their lyrics inspired the band I was in then and have since inspired many others. The one song I want to zoom in on for this setting is The Listening House. In it there are seekers, people with questions about life and relationships and places of community and worship. I hope the lyrics will also inspire your own search or journey... whatever that may be.

Go on down, go on down to the listening house.
Don't be afraid to choose.
Don't be afraid of those you find,
they 're there to listen too.

Lazarus 1971

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting started

Preparations are in full swing for this year's Atlantic Bridge Festival with the theme ... follow the karavaan.

I hope to meet new people and exchange ideas, hopes, fears and whatever else we have on our hearts and minds. I also hope that I won't be the only contributor to this blog.

I will be setting up a meditation/prayer room at the festival. More about this in my next blog message. Hopefully the visitors will feel free to leave thoughts and comments that I can share on this blog.

I guess you could call this blog a travel log... except this journey will not be charted on a geographic is a journey of the soul and mind. I hope you will join us online.