Thursday, August 5, 2010

To everything there is a season and a time…

In The Listening House I have also set up a table of remembrance. One of our Bridgebuilders groups from Hungary had a tragic accident when in the USA this summer. Two young people in the group lost their lives. A few of the group who had also been in that accident are now at the festival. I felt it was important to make a special place to honor these two young lives and to create an opportunity for anyone who wants to leave their thoughts and words to celebrate their lives that ended much too soon.
On Wednesday evening we will hold a memorial service in the local church, led by the local pastor. We hope this will give the festival participants a chance to collectively show their love and share their support and comfort for those who had known the two. The notebooks, available to sign or leave a message in, will be given to the families after the festival is over.

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