Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wade in the water

Our theme for the week is Follow the Karavaan, remembering the wagon trails on journeys across North America. It’s a group of people going from one place to another together. Sometimes the journey has a specific purpose, other times it is a journey of discovery. The band sang a song this morning… Wade in the water. Sometimes it is good to just go with the flow, especially if others have gone before and have given hints and tips for the journey. Today the small groups are on a Discovery of Köszeg, which almost did not happen because it started to rain really hard. We didn’t know whether to go forward with the plan or make a change, some wanted to cancel while others said… we’re not made of sugar are we! So we waited a bit, played a few games and the rain stopped.

I hope it stays dry most of the trip. Even if it doesn’t, we can go through this discomfort together. If we step out and ‘ wade in the water ’ - step out in faith, supporting each other, we can carry each other and maybe experience the miracle of overcoming our hardships together…. sharing our similarities and celebrating and appreciating our differences.

Trail Seeker

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